2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Reviewتجربتي للاستون مارتن فانكويش

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Reviewتجربتي للاستون مارتن فانكويش


Today I would like to share with you my driving experience of 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish, See you inside the car.



I am sharing with you my driving experience on the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish. It is a very expensive car. I tried to categorize this car but it was so hard.


Is it sport car!

super sport car!

luxury car!

dream car!


Today we will try to find from which category it belongs.


There are two things in this car you will find everywhere!!!


1st is Carbon Fiber,

all outside body is made of carbon fiber, even inside lots of carbon fiber.


2nd is Leather

You can almost cover any peace inside the car with Lovely leather


Engine of this car is the heart of it and is very special

6.0L V12, 573 Horse Power, 620 Nm

But, while driving the car I really didn’t feel those 573 hp

So I may say it is not a super sport car

0-100 km Aston claimed it is 4.1s

but if you see other cars, they can do it below 4s even below 3s

From all of these info I can say it is a weekend car or cruising car


Center Consul is from glass and glass touch buttons with vibration feedback.

I really didn’t like touch with this vibration feedback

May be it was good as a concept but in reality we need real buttons


6 speed gear with lazy shifting

the gears are buttons on the center consul


the car coming standard as 2+0 seats but you can order 2+2 seats with extra cost but they are useless in the back


Car key is another interesting story

the key is a very expensive peace of crystal. if you order additional one it will cost 2000USD and is fragile.


Rear wheel drive with limited slip differential

brakes are very powerful with almost 400mm front and 360mm rear carbon ceramic brakes


Adaptive suspension, normal, sport and track modes

I don’t think the buyer of this car will go to track

I tried all modes and you feel the suspension become little stiff and gear changing at higher RPM


20″ wheels with 255 front and 305 rear

steering feel is more to the relax mode

you do not feel what is going on the front wheels as we feel in 911 or BMW but more close the MB


I didn’t like the place of the seat control that is very close to the driver right knee

It is not comfortable to be there as you might change your position accidentally by you knee


Car Logo located on the hood is manufactured in a gold factory but it is not gold

This is how they care so much about the Aston Martin logo


Usually the sport & super sport car are close to the ground

so it is risky to open the door without knowing the outside condition that you might hit the pavement

in Aston Martin they did a very good job here, they didn’t copy Lamborghini door style or stick as 911 or Ferrari

Aston Martin door will open with small noticeable raising angle which I like so much


One of the legendary things in Aston Martin is the odometer which I didn’t like

the odometer is very basic one, you will not feel it is a very expensive car or a dream car

the RPM goes against the speedometer which is unusual

colors of it also very boring with very basic two small LCD


The weight distribution with this massive V12 engine is 51 front 49 rear

this task achieved by putting the gear on the rear axle.


After all of this carbon fiber body, magnesium and aluminum skeleton, still the car feels heavy

it matches the Nissan GTR weight around 1800kg

you will feel the extra weight when cornering or when braking hard before corner specially on a track

no matter how powerful the brakes are but with heavy weight in the track they will give up at certain lap then you need 1 or 2 cooling laps


Now we come to the most exciting thing about this car which is the exhaust notes

the sound is extraordinary and you will love it so much since it is a real engine sound not fake or amplified at the mufflers


When I read about this car I found some issues about the car quality specially after use

some owners complained about leather stitches gone out of alignment

those stitches are not accurate as we might see in Bentley or even Porsche & Ferrari

Interior noises of interior parts after some use

which might affect the resale value even if it has low mileage

the drive test car suffered from mechanical noises that I think it is from exhaust not fitted properly and I might say it may be used so heavy


Since we talked about expensive things, the front spoiler is carbon fiber and it is so huge

so you need to be very careful when parking it not hitting the pavement and damage that big peace which might costs you a normal car price


Let me finalize my review about this car

This car is for whom!!!

I think it is not a dream car

if you have additional 500,000 USD that you don’t want to keep

so this car is for you


Again as I said, this is all about my own opinion and experience and I don’t take any responsibility if you plan to buy or stop buying it


I felt the local dealer is very weak and I understood the dealers in every country are just local.

They are not like other dealers with very clear international warranty.

If you need to take your car to different country and something happened, you need to call your home country dealer to call the one near you to accept your car.

This is not logical to me since you paid punch of money for such car and you need to make calls and bla bla bla

you might take your car to London, Dubai, Riyadh or anywhere and you don’t want to face such experience

This was my experience at the local dealer in Kuwait


In general the car is amazing and Aston Martin brand is a well-known brand with a long heritage

May be this time they failed to concentrate more on some issues or they might fix it soon

some people specially the Aston martin fans they might accept it as it is and they don’t care about the issues we mentioned

I hope you enjoyed my review and see you next time with a super sport car review

Bye Bye,