2015 BMW X6 Xdrive50i Review

2015 BMW X6 Xdrive50i Review

Today we will drive test the all new 2015 BMW X6 V8 50
see you after the drive
our drive today will be on the all new BMW X6
the old model launched on 2007/2008
BMW did not expect the sales of over 250,000 X6 globally
so they worked in the new one from inside and outside to be a better car
the first engine launched in GCC is the V8 then th 6 Cylinders
The X6 should be proud to have the BMW badge
BMW Cars are luxurious and sporty
if you are looking for a very comfortable and quite then go to MB or Audi
if you like driving then BMW is the car for you
at the beginning I planned to compare it with the Cayenne S
since they are very close in price and specs
but after driving, frankly it is closer to the Cayenne Turbo
Actually it is between the S/GTS and the Turbo
X6 is wider and longer than the Cayenne by 5cm with same height
the demo car  are 20″ 275 front and 315 rear tires
the optional 21″ has 285 front and 325 rear tires
X6 is little lighter than the Cayenne but this difference will disappear with the options you put
weight is around 2100kg with 50/50 weight distribution
considered little bit heavy but they added a V8 engine that will let you forget the extra weight
which I think a mistake from Porsche to equip the Cayenne S and GTS with V6
X6 Power 450hp, Cayenne S 420hp
but a huge difference between them
X6 has extra 2 cylinders as well 650 Nm compared with Cayenne S that has 550Nm
Cayenne Turbo has 520hp 4.8 V8
X6 has 4.4 V8
BMW uses this displacement since the 90’s and they have the best V8 engines
Cayenne Turbo has 520hp, 750Nm
X6 0-100km BMW claiming 4.8s
Cayenne Turbo 0-100km, Porsche claiming 4.4s
but we will test the X6 Acceleration today
the all new X6 receives the new strategy of having different lines
like the 3 and 4 series
X6 starts with the Base model then 3 different lines
Extravaganza with lot of options and replacing the chrome with bronze color
the M package with changes inside and outside with better sporty seats
the demo car is the xdrive50 Base line with comfort seats
very comfortable seats but if you need sporty feeling I prefer the sport seats that holds you very well

the comfort seats are better if you are traveling
last line is the Individual with very exclusive leather and color options
the V8 model is coming with additional options to differentiate from the 6 Cylinders
the 6 Cylinder is not V, it is in line 6 Cylinders
Gear is 8 speeds
Driving modes: Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, Sport+
in sport and sport+ the dashboard will change
new X6 has complete LCD dashboard
and the iDrive Screen size is now over 10″
the car has already SIM card with internet access for 3 years
I will not talk so much about what kind of application used but they have done amazing job
You can lock/unlock the car from anywhere with an app in your iPhone and so on
I will just concentrate on how this car drives
Coasting technology, as we saw in the Porsche Cayenne S which disconnects the gear and engine while lifting your foot from the accelerator and not touching the brakes
is available in X6 but only in the Eco Pro mode

BMW is one of the only brands who is building engines for them and others
the best Mclaren F1 engine is made by BMW
and so other cars that are considered now legends and costing millions
the best thing in BMW is the engines, they are amazing

in addition to that is the suspension setup and on how the car dealing with the road
it lets you feel driving a very nice sport car
not too much as a Porsche
but not very comfortable as a Benz
BMW is a sport car

another special thing with the BMW, steering wheel feel is very different
it gives you confidence that you have full control of the car
so if you drive in the same day BMW, MB, Audi, Lexus
you well enjoy the drive feel of the BMW
the 1st time you drive a BMW you will smile

the X6 arrived in GCC is the Xdrive, which is the AWD
it shares the same chassis, engine and gear with the X5
the X5 is more like a family car
so if you want to be different, the X6 is for you and is not popular on the street like the X5
but the luggage space is much smaller than X5,
also the rear seats are little bit smaller than X5 with lower roof but for small kids is fine
rear seats are also lower so you will not be able to watch clearly
X5 and X6 rear seats are smaller than the space of the Cayenne

side mirrors in X6 are big and very helpful
however air noise is noticed even during lower speeds (70-80km/h )

BMW R&D are working day and night to bring new technologies
they are pioneers in light tech so they consider xinon and old tech
and they brought LED lights
all front and rear of the X6 has full LED lights
hidden camera behind the center mirror to scan the road and adapts the light electronically
and in the near future, they will offer the Lazer lights that already used in their i8
which can covers much more space than the LED

I liked the interior LED lighting
you can choose the color you like
started in the MB and now in BMW

however the car is heavy but with this V8 engine and the nice feedback from the steering
you feel the car is lighter, it encourages you to push it hard and hard
and it has something Porsche already lost, the engine sound
even the Cayenne Turbo has no sporty sound which has also V8
but the X6 V8 has a very pleasant roaring sound that will satisfy you

one of the things BMW succeeded over the others
start stop engine, in this car is very optimized
it works when you do complete stop not like the Cayenne that works before complete stop

another thing, Auto Hold function also optimized so it works after complete stop
again not like the one we saw in the Cayenne which also works before complete stop

3rd thing BMW did it perfectly, the driver assist systems
in the Cayenne, each system has its own button which sometimes challenging
in BMW, it can be activated by one button
this button, it will become green after 1st activation and that is it
if you want to cancel, just press this button then all assist systems will shutdown
much more simplified since 99% drivers do not need complicated systems

from the iDrive, you can check all systems of the car,not just oil level
but even front/rear brake pads, next service and all other systems
looks like you are in a workshop checking almost every thing
In addition to that, BMW key is a smart key
when you visit BMW workshop, just handle your key and they will insert it in their machine
it will show every thing about your car, model spec, warnings, maintenance, errors, miles…etc
however the old BMW keys when you insert them in the switch, they will be charged as well

BMW brakes are almost matching Porsche
however they are not showing in websites or user manual any spec like the Porsche
but they are excellent, however if you need more you can order the performance brakes
but the cost will be high

X6 Interior is simplified when compared with Cayenne
BMW iDrive system simply the best system you can find in todays cars
people saying it is complicated bla bla bla, but that is not true
if you use it for sometime, you will find it is straitforward and will like it
the command in MB is basic, Audi again buttons like the Porsche
the man behind the BMW iDrive worked hard to simplify your life
also there is no touch screen which I am also against touch screens
they might lead to accident while you are looking where to touch

interior is so luxurious, they mixed leather, aluminum. wood and soft plastic at the same time
this care has the optional ceramic iDrive with gear and buttons which has glossy black, nice touch
BMW gear has the correct upshift & downshift setup
front for downshift and back for upshifting not like the Cayenne
small things but you pay for expensive car so they should do it correct

the gear is joystick so if you switch off the car, the gear will automatically engage P
push side button and push gear front, engaging R
push side button and pull gear, engaging D
when you stop just push P button
very simple

now we drove the car
let us conclude
it is very difficult to evaluate this car
let us first mention pricing

in kuwait the V8 starts from 28k KD to 31k KD
in Saudi V8 is 420k-430k SAR

Warranty in Saudi is very clear and you will see it at the Entrance of the showroom
2 years factory warranty with unlimited mileage
in addition a 1 extended year covering engine, gear and differential

in Kuwait
you need to understand how it is calculated
they will say it has 5 years warranty
how is that?
the factory is 2 years and the 3 remaining are extended covering gear, engine and differential
but in total upto 150k km
I am sure 99% from the sales representatives will not tell you this

BMW introduced the free service quite long time
in Saudi, 5 years or 100k km complete free service
you can cancel this free service package and car price will be reduced by almost 30k SAR
in Kuwait, 4 years or 84k km free service
but when I asked is it really 100% free? what about the brakes?
the salesman said you just pay the parts which are the discs and pads
come on! this is not free service
I think the free service is changing engine oil, filters and some other small parts

prices of some parts for the X6
front Pads 100 KD 1400 SAR
rear Pads 70 KD 900 SAR
2 front discs 90 KD 1300 SAR
2 rear discs 70 KD 900 SAR
1 LED headlight almost 800 KD 10k SAR
rear lights (big part 140 KD 2000 SAR)
rear lights (small part around 100 KD 1300 SAR)
front bumper 320 KD 4500 SAR
rear bumper 300 KD 4000 SAR
1 shock absorber 350 KD 4-5k SAR
1 M package rear balloon 160 KD 2200 SAR

let us forget about all of that
this car is one of the SUVs I liked since 2008
it is real sport car
some people will say, no it is SUV, it has lot of failures
but all of that is not true
failures in BMW are minor if you use it regularly
if you park it 1 or 2 years, for sure it will broke
you have to use the German cars every day don’t be nice with it
and then you can go with it 200k, 300k km or more without issues

BMW worked hard to produce the X6
I remember the old generation when they tried to do roll crash test
it did not roll because it is so wide and stable
the BMW is very safe car

I prefer X6 over the Range Rover, the X5
may be over the Cayenne as cost saving
if money is not an issue then sure you will choose the Porsche Turbo
if you need to compare apple to apple
the X6 is very close to the Cayenne Turbo
Cayenne Turbo price starts from 540k SAR and with some option will be around 600K SAR
while this one is fully loaded with 420K SAR
X6 is very reasonable and much cheaper to maintain

stability, engine, gear are top class
the full torque 650 Nm is available from 2k RPM
X6 V8  stronger than Cayenne S below 2k RPM
X6 V8 price is between Cayenne S/GTS but performance close to Cayenne Turbo

someone asking me shall i take the Cayenne, X6 or X5
if money is not an issue then just go with the Cayenne Turbo or Turbo S
the best in class
if you need unique sport car with some utility then the X6 V8
if you have family and you really like driving sport cars then the X5

thanks for watching and see you next time with another sport car
comments are welcome

see you