2015 Ferrari F12, The Best Super Sport Car

2015 Ferrari F12, The Best Super Sport Car


Today we will drive test very special car that you’ll not see everyday in the streets the 2015 Ferrari F12, Welcome .

I have drove the Ferrari F12 many times during 2014 and delayed this review many times because this car is one of the very difficult to think to buy as a super car, never find any cons. I drove it many times in Riyadh, Saudi and Kuwait to try to find any cons but there is non

You have noticed I am review from the inside of my own car because Ferrari refused to film a review about their car. In the beggining, I’ll talk about things I like. At the end I will give me personal opinion and talk about the things I did not like which is non, but there is nothing 100% perfect.

The F12 Launched in 2013 as Ferrari Flagship, like the 7er with BMW and S class with MB, eplacing the 599. It is completely redesignd for better. The way Ferrari choosed was against todays trends, usualy new cars will get bigger and wider. F12 is 2cm narrower than 599, 4.7cm shorter and 6.3 lower than 599.

F12 design inspired by F1 technology its engine sits 3cm lower than 599 as well seats and all pushed little bit back so F12 considered as front-mid engine.  Center of gravity is 2.5cm lower than 599. All of that helps stabilizing the car during high speed as well racing.

F12 weights 70kg less than 599 in between 1600-1700kg. This weight is acceptable as a 12 cylinders and GT car that you can travel with, use as daily or to work. Weight if we compare with other v12 cars, or let us call it 12 cylinders since there is V12 and w12 cars, this weight is ok. We saw the Aston Martin Vanquish was too heavy however it has full carbon fiber body while the F12 non unless you order as accessories.

F12 is v12 which is the best thing in this car simply it has the LaFerrari engine 6.262cc. The power is unbelievable once you push it you will never want to remove you right foot. 740hp and 690nm torque, 80% of the torque is available from 2500rpm. Since this engine has no turbo nor supercharger, just NA, usually NA has low power at lower RPM but in F12 they made 80% of the torque available from 2500rpm.

Body design made in cooperation with Pininfarina and their goal was to design very simple car body. So whenever you saw anyone driving it, you’ll respect him as a rich man, CEO or VIP. Against the Aventador that looks for teenagers or very young persons. I think they have succeded with this design, when you saw it from too far, it looks simple but when you come close and walk around it you’ll see it is a peice of art. They worked hard to let the air flow smoothly over it to make the car more stable while speed increases.

This work increased the down force by 76% over the 599 with 123kg at 200km/h, all of this to push the car to the ground with all of those changes and increase in power they managed to reduce fuel consumption by 30%.

Gear is 7 double clutch. There is no gear stick, just buttons but not like the Aston Martin. It is not straightforward, you need sometime to get used to it. Ferrari key is the traditional old key which you need to insert, turn it then you need to push red button on the steering to start engine.

All Ferrar cars has ceramic brakes standard and F12 brake sizes 398mm front and 360mm rear. 131m to stop from 200km/h shorter than 599 by 7m, this 7m might safe your life.

F12 is super sport but has no hard ride unless you put it in racing mode, that gave it a bonus to be a daily use car. Front engine and rear wheel drive usually suffer from bad traction at the rear. In F12 they solved it by repositioning engine and seats, they managed 54% front 46% rear weight distribution. This gave it better acceleration as well better steering during cornering. if they made it 50/50 with this huge power it’ll be difficult to launch or accelerate.

The car tyres 255 front 315 rear R20 for better traction. Italians known of their successful tech that we can see in the 458 Italia. They took all of the 458 tech to the F12 and more. You can take it to the racing circuit without any issues and as well as daily car with an elegant look.

Interior design is very close to 458 it has the same dashboard with two displays and big RPM in the middle, which I prefer to have it in yellow. You can choose what ever you like to display on any of the two displays from speed to engine temp to nav, radio , cameras…etc

Too many people complained about the steering design that was taken from the 458 which is originally taken from F1 tech. F1 steering has all buttons you need from horn to turn indicators headlights, washers, radio control…etc horn signal indicators headlights, front washers speed control, radio volume all in the steering wheel. I used it, like it and very simple to use.

The car I drove has the advanced steering with RPM LED indicators so those LEDs will work before you hit the red line at 8700rpm. Imagine a v12 engine with red line at 8700rpm, you’ll hear the best music you have ever heared. The cost of this steering around 30,000 SAR.

the Paddles in this F12 is better than Porsche, fixed in the steering column which I prefer over the one turns with the steering. So during racing I like the fixed ones, simple to memories + right – left. But the one turns with steering, you need to check the position of the steering to make sure to select the right paddle. but the fixed ones will be much easier to memories. Things you like more when you really use.

It it is a 2 seater with a nice luggage space in the back. Finishing in this car, externally and internally is what you would expect from Ferrari even the leather smell.

Ferrari cooperation with Michael Schumacher leads to design their cars. The steering wheel in 458 and F12 has a button for softening the suspension temporarily while racing. You need a hard suspension and a very smooth track for better grip. If there is a uneven surface with hard suspension you’ll loose grip. Michael asked to have this button so to press just before the uneven surface to soften suspension then will go back hard after this area, saving time and efforts. When I used it I find it very smart idea, other cars during such example need to manage the car through this uneven area with their hard suspension.

F12 has a very long nose for better look and safety. Top speed is more than 340km/h according to road and fuel spec. 0-100km/h 3.1s and 0-200km in 8.5s. I could not measure it since Ferrari did not allow to do and to share on YouTube. However, if you are a serious buyer then they will allow you to drive it as much as you wish

Now finalizing this review,

The car price start from 1.25 million SAR with option might go to 1.7m. Ferrari introduced the 7 years warrantee and free service any where in the world this is valid and I did not see it in any other brand. This proof that Ferrari is one of the top brands.

I consider the F12 the best super sport car till now for many reasons

1- it is Ferrari, a brand every body respect

it is Ferrari’s flagship, I will not mention the LaFerrari with its 7M SAR price and very limited production even if you have money, they are all soled out

This F12 with 1-2M SAR with Ferrari badge and v12 engine comfort car, sport car when you need it, travel with it, daily driving going to work, take your wife with you. And nobody has doubt about Ferrari luxury.

2- F12 is not limited edition, so you can buy it if you have the money within 3-4 months it will be yours. Personally I liked this car soo much, even I drove it many times to search for any cons but really this car has non. Ferrari just put LaFerrari engine inside this F12, what do you need more?

The only cons I found about this car is Ferrari owners. If you are hard worker, for example doctor, engineer or trader or anything put in your mind a SMALL trader and you have saved the money to buy your dream car, as what Americans say, yes you can buy it. But Ferrari owners are from those who are showing off themselves, they tend to let you know they have money. They need to know who you are, your name and your family before dealing with you. Personally I did not see this with other brand owners like Porsche or other cars .

2nd thing is dealing with dealers. However, I think it is out of their hands. If you find yourself at Ferrari workshop or at the dealer to buy a Ferrari, if a VVIP entered then they will ignore you completely. Because this VVIP can even buy the whole dealer so they must respect him, while you will just buy one car only so watch the difference.

If I will buy this car with price around 2M SAR and I might face such scenario, here I will never buy this car. Because super sport cars are about culture, you like to see people and owners of those cars but you need them to be simple and human. Myself, I met almost all super cars owners and frankly I did not like Ferrari owners. I know some people owning Ferraris and I totally respect them but 99% of the remaining are from those I do not like. In comparison, Porsche owners are much more friendly, simple and funny.

I hope you enjoyed my review about this car and I planned to start 2015 with a car that I really fall in love with and I consider it the best car I drove in my life. Even better than the GT3.

Thanks all and see you all with a new car and do not forget your sweet comments and advice .

See you with another sport car

Bye Bye