Ferrari 458 Speciale Launch, Kuwait 2014 حفل تدشين فيراري سبيشيال بالكويت

I have been invited to attend the launch of the 2014 Ferrari Speciale in Kuwait at SIRBB circuit (karting circuit) and we (me and brother Ibraheem) spent 3-4 hours of excitements.
The location is very small for such event and after launching the car it started raining. They started to write the names to ride the car and the line became too long.
Then they just made it the old way, long line to enter the car for one fast lap. They offered as well Ferrari F12 which nobody was interested to ride. However, for me the F12 is the car I really prefer.
They offered snacks and soft drinks in addition to coffee, by the end they parked the car open so anyone can sit inside and take pictures. The driver was a Ferrari profissional and he pushed the car so hard with each single person without any failures or hesitation from the car.