2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 تقييم اداء لامبورجيني هوراكان

2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 تقييم اداء لامبورجيني هوراكان

today we have the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610
it is coming now as one model, AWD
Huracan is a Spanish word means God
nevermind, let them name it as they like
Lamborghini is Ferrari competitor,however they came late
Lamborghini established 1963 while Ferrari 1929
Hello Lamborghini wake up
But they are now head to head with Ferrari
Started as mid-engine rear wheel drive
lately became AWD for safety
Lamborghini went through financial crisis like other Italian and British cars
and sometimes corruption occur
Chrysler bought it in the 80’s which then sold it to Malaysian Co in 1994
it was lucky that after 4 years VW Group bought it in 1998
VW started improving the Lamborghini cars but also they produced the R8 which is sharing many parts with Lamborghini
in 2014 Huracan replaced the Gallardo and we can guess the upcoming R8 is sharing many parts with Huracan including engine and gear


Wheels are 20″ with 245 & 305 Tires front and rear respectively
perfect size that also matches the Ferrari
This car is a show car
it is lower than the Ferrari so to be careful when driving to any mall to have another person to help you park it
it is very easy to damage the front, rear or the Rims since they are wider than the tires
Rear Camera is a must option as well front lifting


Horse power is 610 and Torque is 560

2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Engine

2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Engine

the torque considered low as a super car these days when compared with other super cars
it has the older 5.2 engine V10 but they introduced an amazing double clutch gear
this gear is unbelievably fast especially on the sport or corsa modes
I noticed the difference between the sport and corsa mode only the traction will be off
weight is 14xx kg which is higher than the Ferrari since it has V10 and AWD
usually in normal roads you’ll not notice the weight difference until you take it to the track


ceramic brakes are standard with 380 and almost 360 front and rear respectively
and they are also smaller than the Ferrari competitor sizes
brakes are very good in normal roads but on the track I didn’t try it


suspension is magnetic which is very fast to control over the air or the oiled suspensions
the car consider comfortable as a super car
we drove before the Mercedes A class sport and its suspension is harder than the Huracan

This is very good achievement from lamborghini to have such comfort ride
however you can make it harder through the control or the car automatically will decide according to your driving style
the harder you push the car the harder the suspension will be


steering feel is good
it is 50% mechanical and 50% electric and it is combined with which car mode you choose to be harder or lighter
it gives you half real feeling on the front wheels
is it better than Ferrari or Porsche?
No, it comes after both cars
don’t forget the car is AWD and that will affect the steering feel


Lamborghini said the 0-100 & 0-200 km are 3.2 s & less than 10 s respectively
we will check if that is true
Sound is amazing but you have to accelerate to hear it
but in normal driving you’ll not hear the exhaust
which is unusual from Lamborghini that was known with a close to sport motorbike sound that you don’t only hear it by your ears but also by your skeleton


they introduced the GPS technology used in the airplanes to measure all car movements for safety reasons and Lamborghini claim it is the 1st car to have it globally
the car is fully equipped with all around LED inside and outside
weight distribution is 42 & 58 front & rear respectively
this will lead to a better acceleration as well not to put more pressure on front brakes during braking


Interior is not organized properly, it is only these buttons you’ll find organized
here is Audi controls as well the AC
they relocate the screen from here to be within the 12″ LCD odometer
the car has two screens the odometer and a small one for the Oil gages and AC
when you look to the interior you’ll see why Ferrari interior is much more luxurious
when you’ll order a Ferrari you might spend a month or two thinking how to have the best customized luxurious interior
with the Huracan it is not, within one day you can order your car since it is just matter of choosing colors and other few options
lamborghini tried to copy the Ferrari steering wheel that has all controls but I can say they completely failed to do
the signal controls here, you push left or right to turn then you need to press to make it off
to activate high beams here
wiper control here
odometer control here
driving modes here, which you might change accidentally
paddle shifters location is perfect and better than the Ferraris, closer to your hands
and they are metal which also gives good feeling
interior material is made of plastic and feels cheap
you’ll think the center console is carbon fiber or aluminum but not, they are plastic
this is unexpected from a super car with very expensive price tag
they tried to have different gear controls than Ferraris but they went to the extreme
Lamborghini are inspired by the airplane designs which you’ll notice also by the interior door handle that looks like a fighter controller
you have these paddles to change gear but also you have here button for P and M for Manual
to reverse you need to pull this lever to engage reverse gear
if the car in P and you need to move, just pull the right paddle to engage gear 1


Navigation control is a nightmare, I have the car for two days and still confused
odometer is not upto the lamborghini brand with a small letters for media and Nav
only one thing that become useless when you ride this car, time!
I think you’ll not look to the clock at all when you drive it
especially when accelerating, you’ll hate time, heavy traffic and you’ll get many speed tickets and your salary will go to those fines
ok, now after spending 2 days with the car I can confirm the car is a show car
if you are a person who like to grab attention then it is for you
you’ll see people giving you thumbs up as well taking photos


car price starts from almost 1M Dirhams and with some options will be around 1.2M
Factory Warranty 3 years unlimited mileage
coming with 3 years or 60,000 km free service
you can also renew the factory warranty yearly by paying 30,000 Dirhams until the life cycle of the Huracan done
it is head to head with Ferrari 458 as well the new 488 which got a smaller turbo V8 engine
as well head to head with McLaren 650S
as sound, this wins
as show car, this wins
attractive, this wins
personally I see the Lamborghini design is complicated against the simple design on Ferraris.
I prefer Ferrari design over the Lamborghini and the McLaren
honestly we tried to shot this video close to Burj Khalifa but they asked us to pay 400 Dirhams which is too much
however we really appreciate the hard work they have done in Dubai with such amazing infrastructure to be globally recognized as a touristic location to spend your vacation in
I hope I gave full report about this car which everybody asked me to do
comments are welcome
if anyone has experience with this car he can help other by sharing it in the comments
see you next time with another sport car