2016 Mercedes Benz C200 AMG Review تجربة اداء مرسيدس بنز سي200

2016 Mercedes Benz C200 AMG Review تجربة اداء مرسيدس بنز سي200


today we will test the 2016 Mercedes Benz C200 AMG

Turn the car on by the key

Push button is not available

the same traditional gear we saw since long time with MB

up is the R

push this button for P

down is the D & N

parking brake is down here

the design is completely new since a year or so

C class is not now the MB entry level

it is now coming after the A class and B class

they almost raised its category and you’ll notice it in this new shape which called W205

let us talk about MB history

started since 1886 and considered one of the most legendary cars globally

in 1926 they named it Mercedes Benz for the first time

as a cooperation between Mercedes & Benz

the company went through some issues and difficulties during the mid 90’s up to almost 2005

they suffered from quality and design issues

and that shifted people to choose BMW and Audi over the MB that was on top of all

but this fail did not came from nothing

there was a cooperation between MB and Chrysler and is up to now

they share designs and parts

and that might affected both, degraded MB but upgraded Chrysler

C class started 1993 replacing the 190

which is competing with BMW 3 series that introduced in 1975

In this category, the BMW 3 series is the benchmark that the other trying to come close to it not even exceeding

till now nobody exceeded its crown not Audi nor MB or other brands like lexus, cadillac, lincoln and so on

MB with this model, I can say it is now threatening the 3 Series with a new design and changes

driving experience become closer to BMW way but still the steering and suspension are better in the BMW

this new model is even bigger than its predecessor by 10cm long and 5cm wide

it looks like a mini S class specially with darker colors like our car today in black and red inside

this black/red combination gave it extra volume so it looks bigger

it has almost the same exterior and interior design of the new S class except the dash board which has the traditional look

which in my opinion better than the big screen odometer and gauges

the standard screen is bigger than the one in older model, but it has no Navigation even if it has the Navi button since the one with Navigation is bigger than this one

central console is very clean with some button which gave a luxury look

but driver will not feel comfortable when sun reflection occur in this big glossy area

interior design is amazing

let us talk now about the COMMAND system which controls the car

they add touch pad which is a good step but still the system is complicated

it is not the system you’ll know within 5 min or simplified as the BMW system

C200 and C250 have the same 4 cylinders 2.0 Turbo engine

C200 has 184 hp and 300 Nm torque

C250 has 211 hp and 350 Nm torque

power delivery is smooth and engine performance is above what you expect from 4 cylinder at least for me

it has 7 speed gear but not double clutch like the one in the A class

when you put the car in sport or sport + you’ll see the car jumping between shifts

some people like it and some are not but for me I do not like it

it shows a lack of power after the gear shifts

MB said the C200 acceleration from 0 -100 km within 7.3s but we will test and see if that is true

this model is lighter than its predecessor by 100 kg which is huge achievement

its weight as a bigger, luxury and as a brand is very coming in less than 1600 kg

you’ll notice the weight when driving though corner or braking or accelerating

you’ll also see the car is very stable and not rolling through corners like old models

MB have done great job with this model and people now considering this C class on their option list higher than before

even more than the E class since the C is bigger, wider, luxurious and powerful

feeling inside the car is very good, it is comfortable but not too much but sporty

our car today is the standard one with AMG kit

it has 19″ rims with 225 front and 255 rear tires

it has lower and harder suspension

also the outside looks is different with the AMG kit as well interior

it has aluminum trim combined with Piano wood which gave a very pleasant place to be in

steering feel is little bit lighter and less sensitive than the one in the A class

if the steering is very sensitive then you have to be very awake especially during high speeds

driving modes, eco and you’ll notice the steering become very light

comfort, sport, sport + and individual

they change engine and steering response and fuel economy

my favorite mode is sport, it keeps the car a life but will not keep gears to very high RPMs

you can change modes settings from the COMMAND system

models coming to GCC are C180, C200, C250 and C63 which would be a serious competitor to the M3

it has the same engine in the new GT AMG 4.0 Turbo V8

as we see different lines with BMW 3 series we will have the same with the C class now

starting with avantgarde then the luxury one called exclusive and the AMG one like our car

we can see all interior and exterior lighting are all LED

the modified interior lighting seen in S class is now available in the C class through COMMAND system

one of the best things you’ll notice is the quietness and noise isolation are extraordinary

no matter what is your speed

on highways and high speeds the car feels very stable, solid, under control

you’ll notice you are driving a bigger luxury car and you’ll enjoy it while traveling

I have the car for couple of days

I drove it in highways, small road, good and bad roads

the car is completely different than its predecessor

and it changed my opinion about MB generally

I can say it is now really competing with the 3 series

competitors are BMW 3 series and Audi A4

but now C class is threatening both of them now

pricing starts from 200,000 Dirhams or Saudi Riyals

and with some options it’ll be around 240-250k depending on what you want

options are quite expensive so it is easy to add 40-50k to have the normal needed options

MB Warranty is 3 years (2 years factory and 1 from local dealer) including everything open mileage

you can extend it two additional years but it not cover everything as electronic excluded

I hope you got enough benefits from this review

see next time with a sport car