2015 Porsche Macan S

2015 Porsche Macan S

2015 Porsche Macan Launch, 5th Apr 2015 Kuwait.

2015 Porsche Macan S Review

Me: Hi, Brother
Ibraheem: Hi
Me: Thanks for coming
Ibraheem: Thanks
Me: Welcome to Kuwait
Ibraheem: much appreciated
Me: It has been long time not seeing you
Ibraheem: You know, busy with work
Me: Happy Ramadan
Ibraheem: You too my dear
Ibraheem: Brother, what is the new Macan story?
Me: The Porsche!
Ibraheem: Yes
Me: well, they are talking these days about it and till now I didn’t drive it yet.
I have an idea, Let us go and drive test it and share our experience with our followers.
Ibraheem: Well, it is really a good idea
Me: Ok fine, Let’s go
Me: Dear All,
Today we have a new guest, my brother Ibraheem. we will review the all-new 2015 Porsche Macan S. It fits between the Carrera and Cayenne in size and has V6 engine 3.0 twin turbo with 340 hp and 460nm. It is a Sport car, we drove the car couple of days and it is really a sport car more than an SUV. We drove the Carrera and the Cayenne, it is closer to the Carrera.

Since it has a turbo, the engine needs short time to become a live, then boom till the red line closer to 7000RPM. They added dry sump to make sure the oil is balanced all over the engine at any conditions like a racing car so no worries at any aggressive corner.

It has the PDK gear from the Carrera with 7 speed. Front brakes 350mm, rear 330mm,the calipers are silver in Macan S. The design is taken from all Porsche cars. Front fenders from the Carrera, Hood from 918, and the front from the Cayenne. You’ll notice the hood and fenders opened together. Rear lights are from the Porsche 918 with 3D LED lights. In reality it looks much better than in videos or pictures.

Car Interior

If you drove Porsche Cayman or Boxter you will see it has the same odometer with three rounds. Center console is from the Panamera. You’ll notice also sport and sport plus buttons, which is unusual in such car. Some people mentioned it is marketing propaganda. But after personally driving it in sport plus, It is almost close to the Cayman in term of acceleration, steering feel, brakes feeling. It is a real sport car.

Two zone AC as standard and you can have 3rd one for the rear with extra cost. Interior space is compact and is smaller than the big brother Cayenne. But you will not feel it is small, the front seats have enough room. Also rear seats have enough room. Seats in Macan designed like a sport car, lowered and angled to the back. Rear Compartment is compact, impacted by the huge slope in the back for aerodynamics.

Now competitors

Range Rover Evoque!
No way, it is completely different in all aspects, drive feeling, styling. We can consider the Evoque as a luxury car. The Macan is a sport car.

No, even if it is the X3 35 V6. X3 is more like a family car

I will not mention the stupid Merc GLK here!!!
Is that right bro?
Ibraheem: Yes

Audi Q5! which is sharing the same chassis with the Macan. It is completely different. They may share lots of parts but they are not the same, Audi Q5 is more a girlish car.
The Macan>>> I am confident it is a sporty car for guys loving sport cars

Now the price

As you’d expect from a Porsche, it starts with a good price around 20k Kuwaiti Dinar. Then up to the options that you would like to add, which might bring the price to 30k KD.

My advice when ordering new Macan
For your safety, regardless of the car, you have to ask for the tire pressure monitoring system. At the end the car is moving over tires. 2nd option is the panoramic sunroof like the car we have today. 3rd option is the 21″ wheels, since they have huge tires preventing them from scratches when driving close to the pavement. 4th is PASM, It controls the damping and is important when you press the sport or sport plus, the car will be hard as a sport car. When your family with you then you can put it in comfort. Also add the lowering system to control the height of the car.

if you are serious to buy the Macan just order all possible options you like, you are the owner so enjoy. The demo car has the adaptive sport seats, it has control all over the seat from the back to the bottom. Amazing seats and when you try them you will hate any other seats. If you don’t want the adaptive sport seats then don’t forget to add the memory seats, if someone from your family will drive the car, you let them know your seating position stored in memory No 1. When you come back you just choose No 1 to recall your seat, mirrors and steering positions.

Chrono Plus Package is very recommended. I can’t imagine a Porsche without it, even if you will not use it. It gives the car very sporty look. Sound system, minimum is Bose but if you have more money go for the higher system. Next option is Bluetooth so you can use the car’s speakers for calls and music directly from your phone. In hot weather countries, don’t forget to include seat ventilation which most people ignore to save money.

Last but not least is the rear view camera. However I am not relying on this camera but if your wife will drive the car to drive safely.

As you can see this is the 2015 Porsche Macan S. It’s Price tag with option is around 25k KD. It has the beautiful 21″ wheels with 265 front and 295 rear tires. Huge tires for a sport car.

Macan S rear has a very sporty presence, quad sport exhaust and amazing 3D LED lights, the sporty back with very aggressive slope.

The new BMW X4 might be the coming competitor.

It weighs 1800-1900 kg and 0-100km in 5.4s, and these numbers are so good for such a car.
I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this review about this amazing car. I really liked the Macan so much and personally if I am going to buy a Porsche in addition to the ones I have, definitely it will be this car.

If you have any question please to ask
If we can do another review for the Macan Turbo
then we will share if you would like to
Thanks for Watching
see you soon