Why is Porsche Cayenne so Expensive ليش البورش كايين غالي

Why is Porsche Cayenne so Expensive ليش البورش كايين غالي

Lot of people asking…

Why is Porsche Cayenne so Expensive when compared with other cars in the same category?

Today, I will answer

I know most of the people will say all cars now luxurious, all options are available in all brands, all SUVs can go off road without issues and cheaper than the Cayenne

Frankly, all of that is true but I don’t think who would buy a Cayenne will go off road since it is a luxury car and expensive. But that does not mean it is not ruthless off roader

First of all, manufacturing quality is second to none, intended to be used daily as well to travel without issues

Briefly, if you want to check usability and toughness of any car you need to put it under continuous pressure

And that should be in a racing circuit

Our Cayenne today is a V6 standard with 20” RS wheels and high performance Bridgestone tires which came standard on the Cayenne GTS that designed for track use

I have the car in Kuwait; will take it with my family to Bahrain. Second day will take it to Bahrain International Circuit to see how it performs

Third day going back to home to make sure if the car is capable of doing all successfully


Brakes are so good although this is the Basic Cayenne but they are doing good job

At the track you really do not need extra torque and power

I am thinking what the Cayenne S or the Turbo S will do but I think the weight will be an issue somehow.

Even if you have bigger brakes still weight is an issue but seriously with this basic Cayenne no issues at all

Even though this Cayenne has no suspension options but it is doing great job at the circuit

Yes true I am not pushing it like a GT3 but give me a brand name that can do all of this with a basic standard car

After this weekend that includes travel to Bahrain, half day track and then going back to Kuwait

The Cayenne answered why it is expensive than the others

From my personal experience, the Cayenne deserves every penny you pay.